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The Resume

The Standard Reverse-Chronological Resume depicting many of the things I’ve done for money, replete with irreverence and self-deprecating flippancy for your amusement.

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Partner / Director of Operations, Dangerously Hardcore (.com) (Sept 2011 to Sept 2012)

  • Worked with author to release Carb Back-Loading book (Dec 9, 2011) – made $50,000 in first 3 weeks, $100,000 to date.
  • Relaunched website, overseeing the new design as chosen by the author, developing most of it myself and hiring freelancers for special pieces.
  • Gathered author’s scattered audience back to the blog through a consistent effort of commenting on sympathetic blogs, contacting potential allies, and putting blog posting on a consistent schedule.
  • Launched a new forum, seeding it with authentic interactions via excitement over impending book launch. (Ask me about the contest!)
  • Successfully bootstrapped a thriving, helpful, self-sustaining forum community, based on intentional community design – 25,000 page loads per week.
  • Recruited many forms of help from enthusiastic individuals in the DH forum, e.g. web designer, forum spam manager.
  • Served as system administrator and in-house developer for all websites (Linux VPS on Linode).
  • Manipulated and scrubbed mailing lists to prevent our mailings from being marked as spam. Improved our send trust score from baseline (50%) to 95%.
  • Analyzed web server stats to improve website usability and guide the next iterations of our business.
  • Websites launched and managed:

    Consultant, Most Productions (2008 to present)

    • Use statistical methods to improve user interface to reach desired outcomes (sales, educational expectations, etc)
    • Analyze current and desired audience profiles (demographics, etc) to improve rates of interactivity with corporate/institutional websites, apps, newsletters, etc.
    • Improve corporate/institutional website rankings for search engine key phrases.
    • Interpret scientific and technological research to enhance corporate understanding of current trends.
    • Work with UX and graphic designers to create dynamic websites using WordPress (see Portfolio).
    • Raise a delightful baby boy (the work that’s never done).

    Community Manager, The Seasteading Institute (2009-2010)

    Producer / Owner, Little Moving Pictures (2007-2009) [incorporated LLC Nov 2008]

    • Coordinated multiple simultaneous teams of ninja cameramen and capricious super-editors
    • Directed on-site documentaries lasting exactly 2 days of shooting to produce 5-7 minutes of edited video
    • Developed film business process to efficiently serve the “little format” niche
    • Produced over 50 separate short films for web format. Notably: The Black Diamond Documentaries (36 there alone)

    Producer / Software Architect, Most Productions (2008), Oakland

    • Supervised development of R3Global’s Virtual Marketing System (revamped in 2010 by a different team, see here if prev link not functional).
    • Managed overseas team of 2 developers and 1 graphic designer all working remotely in different time zones
    • Project estimate including video production: $45,000 / 3 months
    • Project delivery: $38,000 / 3 months

    Sr System Administrator, Kapor Enterprises (2006-2007), San Francisco

    • Technology: Every OS, RT ticket-tracker, Python, vi.
    • Managed IT infrastructure for resident non-profits: Creative Commons, OSAF, LPFI.
    • Prioritized and delegated trouble tickets of all varieties — from end-user software troubleshooting requests to software engineer heckling over kernel tuning.
    • Developed institutional process for Linux installations, email spam and virus filtering, and tons more…
    • Ruined hopes and dreams of OSAF programmers of being the first to beat Guitar Hero 3 on Expert.

    Software Engineer, PGP (2005-2006), Palo Alto

    • Technology: Linux, OS X Server, PGP, Python, Ruby, Rails, C/C++, Asterisk, SIP
    • Coordinated needs of Engineering and IT departments to converge on actual need requirements for company internal process management, and developed task-tailored business logic to serve those needs.
    • i.e., found out what people were bitching about having to do a lot, and wrote apps to make it so they had far less tedious junk in their day.
    • Worked with Phil Zimmermann on zfone project

    Network Administrator / Telephony Engineer, Vortex Media (2004-2005), Toronto

    • Technology: Linux, Python, MySQL, Cisco, POTS, T1, Asterisk
    • advised this small telecommunications business outsourcing startup on optimal technology purchases
    • architected expert-routed telephony hub using Asterisk open-source telephony server and T1-POTS interfaces
    • crimped 521 pounds of Cat5e cable.

    Programmer, Openflows.org (2001), Toronto

    • Technology: Linux, Python, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS
    • consulted with non-profit agencies to produce your average turn-of-the-century LAMP web development.
    • worked primarily on best-practices guidelines development project
    • photographed high-rise spiders.

    Streaming Radio Consultant, Freelance (1999-2001), Toronto

    • Technology: Linux, shoutcast, icecast, mp3, HTML, CSS, studio recording equipment
    • Taught people how to use that new-and-shiny streaming radio stuff and set it up in their live venue, studio, etc.
    • Started like half a dozen really bad bands.

    Programmer, Moberg Research (1998-1999)

    • Technology: Linux, Perl, PostgreSQL, MaxDB, DesignWorks
    • Wrote Perl to translate proprietary MaxDB records into SQL format
    • Tinkered with circuit designs of flagship hardware project, The Grateful Head.

    References provided upon request.

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