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A lot of the consulting work I do involves (re)constructing websites. Here are some of the cooler projects I’ve put together. Each is its own sort of case study in website construction, so click the panels to read more if you’re curious about the process.

docpop dot org

DocPop dot org

Cartoonist Meets Coder…

  • rapid conversion of creativity into code
  • stylized EVERYTHING
  • this is the shortest story! start here.
ephemerisle dot org

Ephemerisle dot org

What if your address was Great Barrier Reef, Pacific Ocean?

  • conversion to collaborative editing system
  • data-driven UX design
  • community tool integration
RadioValencia dot fm

Radio Valencia dot fm

an experiment in radical volunteer do-ocracy, WordPress-style.

  • a network of blogs for a station full of shows
  • custom plugins to enable better rockingness
  • embedded audio players and lots more

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