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My Performance Reviews

I count as one of my best accomplishments the “performance reviews” I’ve gotten from the freelancers and contractors that I’ve worked with, the people who have allowed me to get far more done in a short time than I could ever do alone, and who, by the nature of the arrangement and (usually) language barrier, demand the greatest amount of my communication precision and management acumen.

I’ve been hiring people through Freelancer.com (since it was getafreelancer.com) and Elance since 2007, the year I started my first successful business.

Whenever projects are completed and all transactions have gone through, both employer and freelancer are invited to submit reviews of each other. Here are the reviews I have gotten on freelancer.com, where I have done the vast majority of my hiring, managing and completing 24 separate projects of varying scope and budget (from $50 to $8000) over the years.


Naomi Most ("venix") Profile on freelancer.com

Naomi Most ("venix") Reviews on freelancer.com


Naomi Most ("venix") Ratings on freelancer.com

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