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The Great Noisebridge Reboot of 2014

23 July 2014 | announcement,events,hacking | Tags:

Noisebridge is an open-access hackerspace — a priceless community organization and physical space that provides access to free education, tools, equipment, and a great community to boot.

A few months ago, we were faced with an electrical safety noticed tinged with the possibility that the city would fine us or even shut us down. We had to act quickly.

I have been with Noisebridge since early 2009, having become a full Member in August 2009. I owe this crazy hackerspace a great deal for what I have going in my life right now — from regaining confidence in my technical skills after a long hiatus, to helping me with the near-impossible task of finding an apartment in San Francisco — and now I am giving Noisebridge my ALL to keep the dream alive.

Countless visitors and members of the space have benefited from Noisebridge, so we are investing incredible amounts of time and money right now to lay down a solid foundation for its future.

Real estate prices in San Francisco have soared well above the already-high rates when we moved into our current space in 2009. In the current economic climate, building a new Noisebridge from scratch would be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

We recruited the help of two C-10 certified electricians who happen to be Noisebridge fans, Tim and Neil from Electric City SF, who expertly evaluated our space (factoring in that we are hackers and want to do a lot of stuff ourselves!) and gave us a Master Plan For Not Failing Our Inspections [pdf].

But we’re not just going to stop at electrical refits — why waste an opportunity?

NB Reboot: The Bridge is OUT

The sign in front of Noisebridge this month

Instead we are turning the crisis of potential city scrutiny into an opportunity to Upgrade the space and Reboot Noisebridge into a better, safer, more robust and versatile hackerspace.

After all: when Life gives you Inspections, Make Inspectionade.

After we reopen at the end of this month, we have two major events queued up:

* August 9th-15th: Class-A-Thon! All kinds of workshops and teaching events all week long (and we still need teachers to sign up — contact me at naomi at nthmost dot net if interested)

* August 15th: Grand Reopening REBOOT PARTY featuring art, music, performance, and more.

Visit the front page of Noisebridge.net for schedule updates, and if you can help us at the space, contact me (Naomi at nthmost dot net), and if you can donate money, donate HERE on our IndieGoGo campaign.

Stay Excellent!

Keep Area In Front of EMPTY Electrical Panel Clear

A healthy dose of hackerspace irony.

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