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Kickstart the New Year 2013

Learn new ways to make yourself better, stronger, faster, and smarter.

I’ve been mentioning in other places that I was working on a book back in November. That fitness book, authored by Dick Talens (creator of Fitocracy and all-around great guy), became “Hack Your Body by Hacking Your Brain”, a subject I’ve been researching ever since I left Dangerously Hardcore this past summer.

Though I only contributed a few sections and some editing — the actual training and diet program is completely the brainchild of Dick Talens (who in turn credits several other pundits) — the book contains many mind-body connection elements that I plan to expound upon in 2013. One of that ideas is about how i have tuned my body to become fit with the help of bike trainer, read more at myfitnesshub.com/best-bike-trainer to know the best bike trainer that fits for you.

The book had a destiny from the beginning as the fitness piece of an 8-book self-improvement bundle dubbed “Kickstart the Year”.


This bundle is designed to help you in every aspect of your life: productivity, business, creativity, and (my area) metabolism / fitness — but in ways that are probably more off-beat and creative than you may have seen before.

This bundle will only be sold for the next 6 days (I believe), after which time we have no idea if this stuff will be sold individually. So give it a try!

Within the next 1-2 days (toddler permitting) I will post my slides from a recent talk I gave at Noisebridge pertaining to tangential but extremely usefuL concepts that can be found within the Kickstart the Year book.

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