Radio Valencia: the little radio station that could

I’ve spent many, many hours over the past year helping build a new “pirate” radio station in San Francisco called Radio Valencia.

Listen Now if you dare:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

And if you have a minute, visit the website and check out the ever-increasing array of show blogs and nifty widgets for your amusement. Most of the DJs camp out on the chat during their shows and may even do a little monkey dance at your command. On the radio!

The website itself is the result of many weeks of planning, the heroic thematic efforts of Orin Zebest (capitalizing on initial designs by Rick Abruzzo), and the fortuitously timed release of WordPress 3.0, which made it possible to give each show its own “show blog”, i.e. sub-site. We wouldn’t call it “feature complete” by any means, though — still lots more neat stuff to come.

We Want the Airwaves

Someone is broadcasting our stream here in San Francisco over the 87.9fm frequency (you know, the one Pirate Cat got fined over). Given my own history with Pirate Cat Radio and the subsequent events thereof, I find the idea of Radio Valencia broadcasting on 87.9 rather funny. Alas, we cannot take credit, and have no idea where the rogue transmitter might be.

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  • Darron Kingham

    this is a excellent article. i found this website a few month ago and i must say each time i come back i find another interesting topic. Great job in creating a informative website.

  • David

    hi there.. i'm working on a similar kind of radio website for a college in long beach. could you fill me in on what kind of plugins are being used for the "now playing" and "schedule" aspects of the site? I would appreciate it very much. – Dave

    • nthmost

      Hi David,

      We wrote those ourselves. Unfortunately they're not well-packaged for distribution. But with the proper motivation (i.e. politely asking!) I could tidy up the code and share it with you.

      Just let me know!