On Connectedness: Mark Pesce at TEDxCanberra

21 January 2011 | linguistics,philosophy

At TEDxCanberra 2010, Mark Pesce, one of my favorite speakers of all time, delivered this missive on the wonderful, horrible powers of technological connectedness.

Many of you, my dear readers, will be struck by how non-TED-like is his delivery. So I will say: understand this talk from his cadence, his emphasis, his deliberation. He’s making his points not just by spouting words.

And many more of you will hear what seems to be Luddism in his message. Stick with it and you’ll understand. And if the habit of instant connectedness has made you a bit impatient, you will find a minor spoiler below the video that may encourage you.

Best bits:

“It’s not my thought to make you fear the future. But rather to make you conscious of it, so that we can prepare. Because it is all changing. It has already changed. It’s going to change a lot more. And in an instant, things can become unrecognizable.”

“This instinct is being bleached to white in the face of a much brighter light.”

“Take this, and dial! And you will have food and knowledge and hope.”

“Because THIS ends, because flesh fails, IT is more important.”

In other news, I have just become aware of cultofmarkpesce.com and I am thoroughly amused.

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  • Bobby

    Ok Naomi, I want to know how the hell you can find the time to read, watch, research, and comment intelligently on all the interesting things you do, and be a super mommy type at the same time.

    Had heard of Mark Pesce before, but knew little until you mentioned him the other day. Seems simple and wise to appreciate the inevitability of tech led change and to not fall into a reactive or passive state, but instead to both embrace and question those changes.

  • futaihikage

    Great speech. For the time being, without the flesh, we can’t interface with that wonderfully interconnected world. Its good to take a step back and enjoy those other world connections we’ve made in the “flesh” space.