Noisebridge and 5MoF in the SF Bay Guardian

01 September 2010 | events,meta | Tags: ,

The SF Bay Guardian just turned Noisebridge‘s Five Minutes of Fame into fifteen, in their article, “Performant Nerds Vs Geeks and Other Four-Letter Words”:

…both nerds and geeks presenting at Noisebridge’s monthly “5 Minutes of Fame,” to a crowd composed of nearly 100 folks who mainly, though not exclusively, could be categorized as either, or possibly both. The premise of 5MoF is short (very) and sweet: in five minutes or less each presenter gives a talk, makes a pitch, or demonstrates a work in progress to the general public who may then in turn offer assistance or appreciation.

Topics this week included why dumb is good (‘cause Socrates said so), music you can make on your iPhone, how to combat global ignorance with a video game, the creation of a new Tenderloin performance space dedicated to “cutting-edge vintage,” the demise of the fourth estate, and what the heck is in my kombucha anyway?

Heyyy… guess who’s got two thumbs and did a presentation on kombucha that night?

In fact, guess who’s got two pictures of herself delivering said presentation sitting at the top of that article?

Shout-outs to noted supernerd Doctor Popular for taking pics that night!

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