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Stephen Quayle Commands Freaky Web Traffic

29 August 2010 | commentary

I’m doing some research on the sort of traffic that H+Magazine gets from various parts of the web. This dude Steve Quayle has at various intervals sent tens of thousands of visitors to articles on the H+ Magazine website.

An average amount of hits per stevequayle.com burst is about 3000. And on January 14th, his website sent over 7,500 visitors to H+ magazine to look at the article, DARPA Takes Suspended Animation: Zombie Pigs, Squirrels, and Hypersleep.

Meet Stephen Quayle

He’s a bible literalist, apocalyptic, and total Luddite. And he commands a hell of a lot of web traffic.

Unfortunately the 1998-ish quality of his website makes it impossible to link to the context on his site in which he originally put the links to Hplus articles (although he does keep an index of the links he’s posted, e.g. the technology articles such as the Zombie one above fall under the heading “Technology Decadence / Mark of the Beast”). That puts us at a disadvantage; it’s impossible (with the exception of that bit of flavor from the index) to tell what kind of message he gave his readers to compel them to click.

But we can make some good guesses just based on the sorts of things he’s likely to say and the sorts of people who are likely to follow him “religiously”.

One of the reasons I love doing market research is the interesting and sometimes (let’s say) unencouraging perspective on humanity that it brings. According to my cursory Related Keywords research, the keyword phrase “steve quayle” is highly associated with the phrases “nephilim” (12,099 searches per day), “antediluvian” (1,339 searches/day), and “sons of god” (730 searches/day).

That means… You know what, I’ll leave it you, dear reader, to determine what that means.

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