Kombucha, My Lord, Kombucha

20 August 2010 | events,science | Tags: , ,

Last night at Five Minutes of Fame, I gave a talk about kombucha.

I occasionally give workshops about kombucha, and I’ve spent a lot of time ruminating and researching on it. So I knew there were dozens of different focii to choose from that would fit in 5 minutes or less, and I didn’t want to rehash what I do in workshops. (It wouldn’t be fair, anyway — the information I share in workshops is meant to be absorbed while you’re tasting and mixing kombucha.)

Eventually I settled on the idea of contesting a few kombucha health claims by highlighting how little we know about the contents of any given brew. My slides are below. I believe there’s a video recording out there, but I’ll have to find it later.

[Note: this isn’t an issue in the slides, but I made an error in my speech about hyaluronic acid. I called it a “precursor to collagen and elastin” — that’s totally inaccurate. It’s a component of synovial fluid which fills in a lot of structure around collagen and elastin. I was fishing around for a way to describe “filling in structure”, and that’s what came out — and with 5 minutes allotted, I hate correcting myself. The worst is that I think I said it twice…]

The title, also the title of this blog post, was suggested by Aesthetix over a year ago, I think for the May 2009 Five Minutes of Fame. I instead used my time slot to deliver a presentation called “UR Doin It Wrong”, a talk about how, if you love your brain and consider it your best asset, you’re probably not treating it right.

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