Meme Hacking and the Memetics Conference

04 January 2010 | announcement | Tags: , ,

…wherein I more formally announce my schemes for the next 4 months.

First off, what I’m most excited about:

the MemeHacking branch of NotaCon

I’m co-organizing a separate branch of NotaCon this year dealing specifically with memetics. You can read more about it on the MemeHacking Conference page.

The call has gone out to specific persons and to the general public for interesting presentations and panel ideas. So far, the response looks utterly fascinating.

If you’re interested in memetics — i.e. the study of thoughts and ideas capable of self-replication and evolution by natural selection — check out the MemeHacking blog. We’re writing essays about recent scientific research through the lens of memetics.

MemeHacking gives damn good tweet.

You should should totally follows us on Twitter (@MemeHacking of course). We get retweeted by @Richard_Dawkins. You know, the guy who invented the word “meme” in 1976.

Relatedly, you”ll want to check out our sister site…

On we’re collecting videos, papers, slideshows, podcasts, and all other content related to neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, cognition, behavioral economics, marketing, and the like. Why? Because we want to make it easy for people to surf through the stuff that’s influenced us and given us hope that we can discover the memetic operating system: US.

MemeWeaving has a little social networking doodad built in that we’re experimenting with. I added it because I think it will be useful for the Memetics Conference — people will be able to link up with and discover more interesting people who appreciate thinking about information, human brains, and culture through the memetic perspective.

Feel free to grab a free account!

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