TWIS April 28, 2009 – NIH policy decisions

This Week in Science April 28 2009

Re: April 18th NIH policy decision to allow use of stem cells generated from embryos specifically for fertility purposes (but not from embryos created specifically for research purposes)

700 stem cell lines, impossible to estimate how many meet the criteria.

Ban on using federal funds to derive new lines just for research purposes — if they did lift that ban, it would violate the Dickie-Wicker Amendment:  prohibits using federal funding to do research involving the creation or destruction of a human embryo.

Justin points out:  Embryo != Blastocyst

“Words mean things!”

“They made a law out of words?  Let’s go show them what the words mean that they used!”

NIH policy currently open for public comment, final version of guidelines will be released July 2nd.

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