Brain Science Podcast #41 – interview with Alice Gabby on Linguistics


Brain Science Podcast #41 with Ginger Campbell MD

Interview with Alice Gaby, PhD (Ass. Professor of Linguistics at UC Berkeley)

Exploring the field of Linguistics and its applications across other academic fields. 

on Semantics:

Wittgenstein (philosopher) observes that people "think" they know the meaning of a word, but it’s difficult to come up with specific criteria that can define the "true" meaning of that word.

Gaby’s interest: there are all sorts of things we care very much about, consciousness, etc — we need to be able to identify consciousness and happiness — they’re important but extremely difficult to label and understand.

on Anthropological Linguistics:

"Language is an inherently social phenomenon . . . the form and the nature of languages around the world is necessarily shaped by this social function."  "We can see what varies . . . and what tends to hold constant across cultures."  –Alice Gaby, PhD

"Our brains have evolve in bodies!" –Ginger Campbell, MD

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