UCTV Podcasts featuring Amery Lovinz

Conversations with History: Amery Lovinz

Interview with Rocky Mtn. Inst. Founder and Chief Scientist Amery Lovinz

holder of 10 honorary PhDs

Readily identifies himself as a Harvard and Oxford dropout – citing academic rigidity

voracious reader as a child (sick often)

reading was eclectic and cross-discipline (mostly physical sciences, but also music, linguistics, philosophy, law, others)

“There’s hardly any subject that a smart motivated person can’t learn about in 6 months as most people in the field know.”

“All kinds of knowledge are useful.”

“The world has way too many specialists and not enough vision across boundaries.”

“…high tolerance of ambiguity” (thinking out of the box)

“there is no box” “I hire by aptitude… all-around athletes”

UCTV Natural Capitalism: The Next Industrial Revolution

On the value of the work that nature does:

“…and we don’t know how to do any of that stuff. Although we have a little idea of how to pollinate. You’ll find though if you try pollinating the planet, it quickly becomes tedious. It’s nice to have all these little helpers the way we do. If we lack these services, we feel the lack rather acutely, and perhaps at our peril.”

The 1st industrial revolution pushed us to make people 100x more productive to fight the scarcity of material goods.

“Now… We have abundant people, and scarce Nature.”

So, can we make nature 100x more productive?

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